Hi, I’m Introduction

I’m a theme for Hugo



This is Introduction, a minimalist website theme made for Hugo.


  • Responsive display on any size screen
  • Light and Dark themes right out of the box
  • Multilingual - supports side-by-side content in multiple languages
  • Any number of custom index page sections from Markdown files
  • Projects section with any number of projects: highly configurable as a photo gallery, modals, or external links
  • Blog section with optional Latest Post, on the main page or as a separate section
  • Styled Markdown throughout with support for Hugo’s syntax highlighting


Latest Post

May 30, 2020

Long Form Post!

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Lorem Ipsum

You can add more sections to the home page by adding files to the /content/home/ folder.


In the Contact section of Introduction, you may optionally display the current time in your preferred timezone.

This lets visitors know what sort of response time to expect when they contact you. The timezone is easily set in the config.toml file.

My current local time is .